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compassionate creative catalyzing

We dwell at the intersection of compassion and action.  Need a light?
  • storytelling playshops 
    The world needs your story.  This storytelling play shop is designed to gently midwife your story into the world.  

    This 8 week class combines the skills of storytelling and performance with the craft of writing to allow the artist (that's YOU) to tell your story your way.  We use games,
     writing exercises, playfulness, movement and analysis to allow you to explore your unique voice in ways you might not know you could. Claim your story and learn to tell it.

    No writing or performance experience required.  

    Space is limited.

    8 week class starts September 12, 2017
  • creative consulting
    Have you hit a snag in your creative work or need a witness?  Whether it's finding your creative voice, writing your thesis or making a business proposal come to life, Kymberlee's creative consulting offers a unique combination of deep listening, catalyzing, pruning, and a wee bit of ass-kicking.  

    Need a light?  I've got you covered.

    Let's get started.

    Single appointment: $150 an hour

    Three Month Package:  Two one-hour meetings a month for three months. A good option if you're working on a short-term project and need to either get started or finish.  $800

    Six Month Package:  Two one-hour meetings a month for six months. A good option if you're working on a longer project and need ongoing support.  $1,450

  • recess adventures
    Urban Play Dates are here.  Join our Recess Adventures for grown-ups in Seattle.  Three hours of curated adventure, fun, and artful mess-making in various locations around Seattle.

    If you need a break but need an organizer, this is for you.     

    $40 for 3 hours of fun
    All materials included

    Sign up here

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